overtone inc.

A streaming AI platform for high-stake initiatives
contextual intelligenge for dynamic
threats and situational awareness

what we do

on a mission to accelerate contextualization through graph ai

data fusion

Data engineering and real-time aggregation of data streams from internal silos, public, and social media

360 threat prediction

Behavioral and event intelligence that leverages continuous reasoning for dynamic and high-stakes scenarios

mission driven intelligence

Real-world visual representations and intelligent workflows to streamline AI and just-in-time decision support


current offerings that include platform and services

geo-locational situational awareness

Real-time awareness from cross-functional data streams and sensors for geo-locational threat detection models, operating pictures, and location analytics

behavioral threats and attacks

Behavioral models that can be applied at a population level or for mission specific  surveillance scenarios to monitor events or groups of interest

cyber-physical threat monitoring

Enterprise specific use cases such as insider threats, financial crimes, or adverse event monitoring, path analysis, and intent identification and prediction


our cross-domain intellgience is designed for data heavy industries

Proud to be working with the US Airforce

Overtone Inc. is a USAF SBIR Phase 1 Awardee

For financial services and other corporates

(coming soon).

For law enforcement and intelligence

(coming soon)